Highly productive Italian based 1-2 year mix. Scheme: GS3
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About the mix

  • Good growth on the shoulders of the season extends the growing period

  • Produces enormous crops if intensively managed

  • The addition of the hybrid increases leafiness and persistency

  • Can be sown in the spring or August to produce large crops of silage

  • Will respond quickly to fertiliser

GS3 Scheme Information

Variety Type %
Messina (T)
Italian Ryegrass 85.8
Barclamp Hybrid Ryegrass 14.2
Term Time (years)
Cutting Suitability (1-5)
Grazing Suitability (1-5)
Tetraploid (%)

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This field was established as a barley undersow in spring with a seed rate of just 10kg/acre. After the barley was combined, the grass was used to finish lambs and then ewes were tupped on it before it was shut off around the new year. Lambed ewes were turned on to it in March the following year at up to 6 ewes/acre with no other feed before it was shut off in mid April. It was cut twice, with the first cut producing 12ME 75D silage to feed to the ewes in the run up to lambing.

- Robert Brockie, Wormiston, Eddleston, Peebles.

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