Forage Grass Mixtures

We have two ranges of mixtures for the northern part of the UK. Castle Mixtures where premium performance is key driver and also Saltire Mixtures that offer a solid, reliable performance.

Castle Mixtures

Castle Mixtures are our flagship seed range – the best you can get.

Saltire Mixtures

Our Saltire Mixtures are tried and tested in a variety of locations and are proven in their performance.

Organic Mixtures

Our Organic Castle Mixtures share the same variety selection criteria as their conventional counterparts whilst also being tailored to suit an organic system.

Overseeding Mixtures

Mixtures that have been designed to breath new life into an older ley. A careful combination of predominantly tetraploid grasses and coated clovers that have the vigour to establish and compete within an established sward. For thin or badly poached pasture it should be considered a viable alternative to a complete reseed.

Dual Purpose

A selection of grass mixtures that give the flexibility of cutting or grazing. A combination of carefully chosen intermediate and late perennials as the basis of these mixtures gives versatility into their use.


There are many factors that go into producing a valuable silage crop including cutting date, wilting time and preservation method but it all starts with getting the right grass mixture. You will never be able to make good silage off a poor field and a good grass ley offers the potential to produce excellent forage.


A range of mixtures designed to meet livestock demands. Dense and robust long-term options to produce high quality grazing.

Herbal Leys

Mixtures combining diverse grasses, herbs, and legumes. They offer the potential to improve soil structure, fix nitrogen, mine trace elements, extend the grazing season and improve livestock growth rates.


Horses are extremely tight grazers and combined with small hooves they require grass mixtures that have been designed to their specific characteristics.

Clover Mixtures

Clover within swards offers the potential to improve animal performance and fix nitrogen. Our selection of clover blends has been designed specifically to complement grazing or cutting regimes.

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