Italian Ryegrass

(Lolium Multiflorum )

Italian ryegrass generally grows productively for two years. It is relatively inexpensive and fulfils a number of roles. Short term mixtures for conservation. It has a long growing season and can be grazed early in spring and late in the autumn. It is often used as “catch crop” – under sown in spring cereals at 5kg/acre and grazed in the autumn. It is very responsive to nitrogen.


Mostly Cuting

Sowing Rate

Up to 15 kgs/acre


1/2 Years

Sowing Period

March to September

Yield Potential

16t DM per ha


It is an early heading vigorous variety that will be suitable for mutilple silage cuts throughout the season. First cut should be taken in May and subsequent cuts in 5/6 week intervals to maintain the quality in the forage.

Additional Info

Can be identified compared to perennial ryegrass through awned spikelets and leaf rolled in bud.

You can buy Italian Ryegrass or in the following Mixtures:


Very Bulky, 1-2 Year Mix
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Italian Blend

Scheme: EFA Catch Crop (EFACC)
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Organic Balvenie

Very Bulky, 1-2 Year Mix
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Organic Italian Blend

Fast Growing 2 Year Mix
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Highly productive Italian based 1-2 year mix. Scheme: GS3
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Leafy mainly cutting, 2 year mix. Scheme: GS3
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Italian Ryegrass

2 years
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Castle Organic Short Term Cutting (1-2 Years)

Very Bulky, 1-2 Year Mix
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