Meadow Management

wildflower3It is important to manage this area correctly to fully establish and encourage the wildflowers.  Annual wildflowers will last only one year, and will require reseeding every year until a seed bank of these species builds up in the soil.  Even then, you will need to disturb the soil to encourage germination of these seeds.  Perennials take 2-3 years to fully establish and must be managed correctly in that time.


The purpose of cutting is threefold: to reduce competition from grass species; to encourage re-growth of current plants; and to promote growth of new seedlings from the fallen seeds of the established plants.  Meadows should be cut twice a year and it is important to remove all clippings after cutting.


A cut down to approx. 5 cm in the spring will control grass specie and permit wildflower to thrive.  The spring cut should be around March/April whenever sufficient growth has been achieved.  Remove all clippings.


Cut down to approx. 5 cm around September/October – once all flowering is complete and seed has been set.  Again, remove all clippings.


An additional cut in the first year may be required to suppress grass growth.  Should grass growth appear to be stronger than that of the wildflower plants, it would be beneficial to cut down to 5-7 cm and remove any clippings.

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