Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass

(Poa pratensis)

One of the more useful fescues for forage. Early and palatable providing good ground cover.


Grazing / Amenity

Sowing Rate

Up to 2 kg/acre within a mixture


Perennial 7+ Years

Sowing Period

May to August

Yield Potential

8t DM per ha.


Better suited to free draining soils, can be slow to establish therefore best sown when soil temperatures are high in the southern half of UK. Manage grazing during establishment. Ideal for multispecies, low input mixtures.

Additional Info

Able to withstand extremes in weather and is widely used in America where it is known as Kentucky Bluegrass. In the UK it is less frequently used, without such extreme conditions to deal with, but it is a robust highly palatable option that can be included within mixtures.

You can buy Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass or in the following Mixtures:

Hermitage ™

Multispecies mixture
View Product

Organic Hermitage

Multispecies mixture
View Product


Hay/grazing with clover
View Product


Grazing only with clover
View Product


Hay/grazing no clover
View Product


Grazing only no clover
View Product

Specie Rich Grassland - Basic

Schemes: Creation of Species Rich Grassland, EFA Margins & GS8
View Product

Specie Rich Grassland - Diverse

Schemes: Creation of Species Rich Grassland, EFA Margins, GS8 & GS14
View Product

GG20 Sportsgrounds Mixture

Traditional rough mixture
View Product

GG43R Tees with Ryegrass

Traditional tees mix with ryegrass for over seeding and construction.
View Product

GG91 Heavy Soils Wildflower Mixture

For general landscaping use on heavier, wetter, clay soil types.
View Product

GG92 Light Soils Wildflower Mixture

A mixture of wildflowers of Scottish and British provenance for use in free-draining and sandy soils
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No perennial ryegrass mix
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Flower Rich Margin

Scheme: AB8 & IPM2
View Product

Mat Forming + Herbs

Schemes: Cration of Water Margins & Creation of Grass Strips
View Product

Mat Forming

Schemes: EFA Margins (EFAM), AHL4 & IGL3
View Product

Basic Margin Mix

Schemes: Creation of Grass Strips, AHL3, AHL4 & IGL3
View Product

Habitat Strips

Schemes: SW3 & SW4
View Product

Wetland Mixture

Schemes: GS11 & GS12
View Product

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