(Dactylis glomerata)

Cocksfoot is often used on farms with light textured soils due to its drought tolerance. It is predominantly used in grazing situations due to its habit of forming into tufts. However varieties are now being bred that are less tussochy and have higher water soluble carbohydrate content and are more suitable for intensive grassland production. It is quite palatable at a younger stage but can become quite unpalatable if under grazed. Due to its dominance in a sward it is best to use it sparingly in a mixture.



Sowing Rate

Up to 6 kgs/acre within a mixture


Perennial 7+ Years

Sowing Period

Spring sown - March - early May
Autumn sown - August – September

Yield Potential

13t DM per ha


Newer varieties have increased the palatability of the grass but care has to be taken to graze the field properly to maintain the quality and avoid it becoming too coarse.

Additional Info

Can be slow in its first season but aggressive in subsequent years.

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