Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial-RyegrassPerennial Ryegrass is a key component to most grass seed mixtures and is the most widely sown grass species.   It establishes quickly, responds well to fertilizer N and is highly acceptable to stock. It combines good production with excellent persistency especially through the intermediate and later varieties.  It responds well to cutting and grazing and can be made into silage, hay or haylage.

Varieties vary in their characteristics such as heading dates, disease resistance and persistency which enables them to meet the needs of most farming systems.  In the 1960s tetraploid varieties were bred with double the number of chromosomes of normal diploid varieties.  They were bred to have larger seeds, larger tillers, higher water-soluble carbohydrate, higher digestibility, lower dry matter content and higher dry matter yields.  Through continued breeding of diploid and tetraploid however the differences between the two are not as obvious as they once were.

Perennial ryegrass is most easily identified by the red base to its tillers and the shiny underside to its leaves.

Sowing rate: 14-15kg/acre

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