Always a good option giving large yields of winter hardy forage that is palatable to both sheep and cattle. It will benefit from a long growing season to reach its potential so should ideally be in the ground May or June. Moisture in the seed bed is essential to aid a fast germination and avoid potential issues with weeds or pests. It is a hungry crop, and it will thrive from being well fed throughout the season with a split nitrogen application of 65% at sowing and 35% when the crop is around 15cms tall. Care must be taken to avoid clubroot and should be grown after at least a 5 year break in brassica production to ensure they do not develop misshapen roots. If there is a shorter gap or a history of clubroot there are clubroot tolerant varieties available. It is always vital to observe the crop regularly particularly at the early vulnerable stage with flea beetle, slugs and pigeons all potential pests. The correct variety should be selected with thicker high yielding marrow stems perfect for cattle grazing and shorter varieties with higher leaf to stem ratio more appropriate for sheep grazing.
Dairy & Beef
Taller, thick-stemmed varieties with maximum yield potential
Sheep & Lambs
Leafy types with a shorter growing season

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A tall clubroot tolerant kale that will provide excellent cover. The first kale bred with clubroot tolerance makes it a valuable option on sick sites and has very good winter hardiness. It has good germination and vigour and its marrow stem and large potential yield makes it an ideal option for cattle grazing. In a game cover situation its tall growth habit allows for easier bird access. Winter hardy with good frost resistance.

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A newer variety with the potential to deliver large dry matter yields. It is a marrow stemmed variety which is better suiter to dairy or beef production. It has been bred to push dry matter yield and has clubroot tolerance. A taller winter hardy variety that has good resistance to lodging.

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A British bred variety that is fully tested for vigour and germination. A shorter growing variety that has excellent lodging resistance and good leaf to stem ratio. Its leafy characteristics make it an ideal option for sheep production. As well as a forage option it is widely used as a game cover. It produces a thick cover with a bare floor.

Seed supplied untreated. Treated seed available, please enquire.

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A proven palatable kale variety that is ideally suited to sheep. It is shorter growing and produces a narrower stem but it has excellent leaf to stem ratio. The plant is easily utilised with good D value in the leaf and stem. It has good resistance to lodging and is winter hardy. It has a long utilisation period.

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