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Fast growing forage crop that will grow on a variety of soil types. It has a flexible sowing period that can be tailored for when it is needed to be utilised with it generally reaching maturity within 12-14 weeks. Not as winter hardy as kale or swedes and will generally suit being fed pre-Christmas. Its deep rooting nature makes it an excellent pioneer crop that can be direct drilled or sown onto a fine firm seedbed. All the fertilisers should be sown at time of sowing, but a top dressing of nitrogen can be applied if the crop looks hungry. Care must be taken to avoid clubroot and should be grown after at least a 5-year break in brassica production to ensure they do not develop misshapen roots. If there is a shorter gap or a history of clubroot there are clubroot tolerant varieties available. Due to its vigorous nature if it goes in in good conditions it is less effected by pests, but the crop should still be regularly monitored. It is a cost-effective way of fattening lambs or flushing ewes but can also be used to feed cattle

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A fast growing forage rape that gives good cover. It is a dark green dwarf variety that has a higher than average DM which leads to high total dry matter yields and good winter hardiness. Its shorter status presents a very palatable crop that is easy to fence for strip grazing . It is clubroot tolerant so a valuable option on brassica sick ground. It has good regrowth ability for crops sown early in the season and well managed.

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Highly digestible variety with good standing power and mildew resistance. Seed supplied untreated. Treated seed available, please enquire.

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A very aggressive growing variety that provides grazing options from July through to January. It has excellent energy levels and its vigorous growth offers the potential for multiple grazing’s. Consideration must be taken into sowing and utilisation dates as it can become quite fibrous if not grazed on time.

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A fast growing variety that is suitable for later sowings. It is able to be utilised within 90 to 120 days. It has the best winter hardiness of all the rapes and hybrids offering reliable grazing until around the end of January dependent on sowing date. It has fast and vigorous establishment making it a very reliable crop. Palatable crop with energy levels of 10-11 ME with 18-20% CP.

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