Peter Addie’s Retirement

Peter Addie retired in August 2018 after decades of dedicated work. Peter has been involved in Watson Seeds since it was formed in 1990. Peter and Johnny attended Auchincruive together in the 1970’s as agricultural students and have remained friends ever since those early days. All of us at Watson Seeds wish Peter a long and happy retirement. Peter will now have time to pursue his many outdoor activities and spend more time with his wife, Liz, and the family.

Peter would like to thank you very much for your business over the years, which he very much appreciates.

‘I have had a life long friendship with Peter and have greatly appreciated his support and dedication to the seed business over the years.’ Johnny Watson

Peter’s responsibilities within Watson Seeds will be taken over, in the most part, by Andrew John Best and Kenny Liddell. They will continue to provide the dedicated sales and technical advice that was previously given from Peter. Broadly speaking Andrew will be covering Peter’s customers below the Tay and Kenny will be above the Tay.

Picture: Andrew, Johnny, Peter & Kenny at Scotsheep in May.