Alsike Clover

(Trifolium hybridum)

A shorter term but still useful clover as it does well on heavier, acidic soils. Can be one of the slowest clovers to flower in the Spring. A smaller clover seed so inclusion rates should be conservative.


Silage, hay, grazing

Sowing Rate

Up to 6kgs/acre


2/3 Years

Sowing Period

April to August

Yield Potential

4t DM per ha.


Alsike will grow on wetter areas than the likes of red clover but will cause similar issues with bloat so care has to be taken to manage its inclusion rate in a grazing mixture. Normally used as a component of multi-species leys as tends to grow slower than red clovers and does not provide the same yield.

Additional Info

Not as aggressive as other clovers so has to be complemented with less vigorous grass species within a mixture.

You can buy Alsike Clover or in the following Mixtures:

Herbal Ley

Multispecies mixture
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Organic Herbal Ley

Multispecies mixture
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Green Manure 1

Nitrogen fixing legume mixture
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Herbal Ley (GS4)

Multispecies mixture
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