Sheeps Parsley

(Petroselenium crispum)

A forage herb that is high in nutrients and minerals. Normally accompanies other herbs in a mixture to increase species diversity.



Sowing Rate

Up to 4kgs/acre



Sowing Period

April to August

Yield Potential



Rotational grazing is essential to avoid damage.

Additional Info

Deep tap root which mines minerals

You can buy Sheeps Parsley or in the following Mixtures:

Herbal Ley

Multispecies mixture
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Organic Herbal Ley

Multispecies mixture
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Herb blend

A carefully balanced herbal supplement
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Sheeps Parsley

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Herbal Ley Diverse Mixture

Schemes: GS4 & SAM3
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Herbal Ley Diverse Rejuvenation

Scheme: NUM2
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Herbal Ley Diverse Grass Overseeding

Scheme: SAM3
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Legume & Herb Overseeding

Scheme: GS7
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