Kinnahaird – Reseeding Project

Johnny Watson with Amy Clark in the newly sown field of Fyvie at Kinnahaird Farm, Strathpeffer.


Amy Clark is very enthusiastic about trying to improve this area of Kinnahaird farm from a grass production point of view.

Most of the grass fields on the Island have been down for decades and their performance could be significantly improved by introducing new highly productive mixtures. The area is inclined to flooding.

A very good start was made last year. Over 30 acres was desiccated with round up, ploughed, power harrowed, limed and an application of 1.5cwts of 16/16/16 was applied. The field was sown in Fyvie Castle Mixture. Owing to the weed burden that appeared, the decision was made to spray the field and sadly lose the clover content. CAST Permanent Clover Blend will be oversown later in the year when conditions are more favourable.

Samples were taken from both the new reseed and the old permanent pasture and sent to America for special analysis. The results are below.

The figures above highlight the nutritional differences between the two fields.