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Our comprehensive seed range includes agricultural and amenity mixtures, clover, organic, forage, game cover and agri-environmental seeds. We enjoy a positive relationship with a range of key breeders across Europe and beyond, that enables us to procure the best varieties possible for all our mixtures. Supplying across Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. We aim to provide the right product to suit your individual farm needs whether that be an increase in livestock production, improvements in soil structure or providing a winter forage option.

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Castle Mixtures

Castle Mixtures are our flagship seed range – the best you can get.

Scotland’s leading top quality mixtures designed to deliver outstanding animal performance.

Saltire Mixtures

Our Saltire mixtures are reliable in their performance as they have been especially developed to perform in the North of the UK.

The reliable animal performance from solid yields of good quality forage is testament to our approach of selecting only varieties rated as 1st choice by SRUC for inclusion in the Saltire Mixtures.


Our go to mixture

“Dundas is our go to mixture for reseeding with its flexibility and ability to provide two big cuts of quality silage or grazing for dairy cows and for our sheep enterprise. The combination of top intermediates and timothy gives early yield in what is a low rainfall area while the later varieties enhance the quality and palatability for grazing.”

- Tom Neill, Thornington, Mindrum, Northumberland.

Our mainstay mixture

“Mingary is our mainstay mixture here at Midfearn and has been for many years. With being mainly a stock farm, our grass fields have got to stand up to the grazing pressures of 105 Aberdeen Angus cows, 650 Cheviot and Cross ewes plus young stock along with producing good quality hay and silage, leaving a great clover aftermath behind. Mingary is a long term dual purpose grass mixture that suits us here at Midfearn, and as you can see in the photo the cows love it too. ”

- Neil Shaw, Farm Manager, Midfearn, Sutherland.

High D value silage

“We are really pleased with the quality of the Duart grass mix we sow here at South Threave Farm. We get 3 cuts of high D value silage and good grazing both pre and post silage.”

- James Young, AB Young, South Threave Farm, Girvan, Ayrshire.

Bursting with productive grasses

“The results from using the Rejuvenation Mixture on our upland fields have been significant. Once tired swards are now bursting with productive grasses which have provided excellent grazing plus a cut of high quality haylage.”

- Dominic Naylor, Lilburn Estate Partnership, Northumberland.

We are already seeing the benefit...

“The Herbal Ley is a vital part of the long term approach at Balcaskie Estate to drastically reduce inputs and manage the farm in a more natural way. The diverse clover rich sward is a key part of this, when combined with our mob grazing approach, it offers the ability to build organic matter, improve soil fertility, fix nitrogen and extend the grazing season. We are already seeing the benefit of improving our organic matters with better resilience in the extremely wet and dry parts of this season.”

- Sam Parsons, Balcaskie Estate, Pittenweem, Anstruther.

Really impressed with how well Lomond and Magres have performed.

“I sowed out Lomond and Magres on 19th May, along with 500 weight of 13:13:22 + sulphur + boron. The combined average of tonnes per acre fresh weight was 58 tonnes, with the swedes handpicked for supplying to local butchers and shops. Swedes which do not make the grade will be utilised by 200 wintering lambs. Really impressed with how well Lomond and Magres have performed.”

- John Fraser, 11 Ferintosh, Conon Bridge.

Caledonian kale direct drilled into old pasture

“I am delighted with the vigour and very competitive stand of the kale. It got enough moisture in early June to get it growing away from any weed or pest challenges and will provide plenty of keep for store lambs. The fertility left behind will be ideal to get our new Castle Mixture reseed established in spring 2022.”

- David Leggat, Saddlebank Farm, Logiealmond, Perthshire.

We are delighted with the crop

“The forage mixture was sown to fulfill two main objectives. Firstly as a pioneer crop to break up an older unproductive sward with the long term objective of improving the grazing quality at Meggernie Estate. Having a year of brassicas allows us to rectify any deficiencies and with a pH of 5.2 it was limed and rape/kale hybrid and stubble turnips were selected for their greater tolerance to acidity. Secondly the forage mixture will allow us to finish more lambs with the plan to strip graze it over the winter. We are delighted with the crop and it should be a great introduction for a future grass ley.”

- Angus Webster from Meggernie Estate, Gallin Farm, Glenlyon, Perthshire.

Few other feeds could offer such high quality, yield and low cost per kgDM.

“With measured yields of up to 24T DM/ha, at heights of around 1,200 feet above sea level, fodder beet has the potential to be a real game changer for us.”

- Jim Logan, Pirntaton Farm, Galashiels

Excellent yields of dry matter

“Stubble turnip Samson consistently provides us with excellent yields of dry matter for end of year grazing.”

- Les Donaldson, Greenford Farm, Arbirlot, Angus. - Alex Eggo pictured

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