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Throughout recent years we have supplied a considerable volume of wild flower mixtures largely to comply with agri-environmental schemes.  These mixtures establish best on less fertile sites where the companion grasses do not compete too heavily with the wild flower species.  Freedom from injurious weeds is also key to success and any site being considered for these mixtures should undergo stale seedbed preparation whereby the ground is cultivated to get the weeds to germinate.  The weeds are then sprayed off and only once the weeds are satisfactorily eliminated can sowing of wild flower mixtures take place.


CG is a mixture of native grasses included to offer ground cover with a natural appearance. The included specie are less competitive than productive agricultural specie and are therefore ideal companion grasses for sowing with wildflowers.

Sow at 6-8 kg per acre (with 1 kg of wildflower mixture)



Contains a mixture of native wildflower specie that can be found in naturalised pastures. This mixture is therefore ideal for use in areas that are to be managed/grazed.

Include with Companion Grass mix at 1 kg per acre.


A more specie diverse wildflower mixture that offers a more colourful, natural display. These specie are less tolerant of management/grazing. Yellow rattle, a semi-parasitic specie is included to reduce grass growth allowing wildflowers to thrive.

Include with Companion Grass mix at 1 kg per acre.


Click here to download The Scottish Government’s Basic Payment Scheme – Greening Booklet

Disclaimer: Whilst the above information is believed to be correct at the time of publishing, you should satisfy yourself that it meets the requirements for the scheme applied for.

Castle Mixture

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