Castle Mixture


Main crop


  • Can be fed to sheep, dairy and beef cattle.
  • Ideal for finishing lambs.
  • High energy winter grazing, winter hardy, high yield.
  • Can be sown on a range of soil types. pH around 6.5.
  • Highest utilisable yield out of all the forage crops (60T/Ha).
  • Low production costs and cost effective (even where yields are only moderate).

Sowing dates
Early varieties (those with low dry matter) sow mid-May, depending on last frost. Late varieties sow mid April to no later than early June (mid-June down South)

Utilisation dates
September – February

Time to mature
Less than 20 weeks

How to utilise
Can be grazed in situ or lifted and stored. Advisable to strip graze to reduce wastage.

The closer the spacing the smaller the bulb and later harvesting can be delayed without the roots becoming too large. Risk of flea beetle attack, most varieties available flea beetle treated.


Sowing rates of swedes depends on your row width and seed spacing.  Please use the table below:



All varieties above can come treated with Cruiser SB (subject to continued EU approval).  Cruiser provides control of a wide range of early season sucking and chewing, leaf-feeding and soil-dwelling insect pests, such as aphids, wireworms, flea beetles, and leafminers.


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Castle Mixture

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