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Stubble Turnips

catch crop

‘We need good heavy yielding forage crops to finish lambs. The mixture and varieties recommended for our conditions at Threepwood have done well for us despite the last couple of seasons being difficult’

David Sandilands, Farm Manager, CB & AE Strang-Steel, Threepwood Farm, Galashiels.


  • Fast growing catch crop
  • Easy to establish
  • Autumn or winter feed for sheep or cattle
  • Summer buffer for dairy cows
  • Finishing lambs
  • Helps reduce winter feed costs
  • Good resistance to bolting
  • Palatable and easy to digest.
  • Can be sown after harvest.

Sowing rates
Direct drilled 2kg/acre. Broadcast 3kg/acre

Sowing dates
May-June or July-August. If sown early, useful for finishing spring lambs. More commonly sown on cereal stubble after harvest.

Utilisation dates
If sown May-June, feed September. It grows for 100 days.
If sown July-August, feed October – February

Time to mature
12-14 weeks

How to sow
Can be sown after grass into ploughed land or drilled into stubble following an arable crop. Soil moisture essential.

How to utilise
Strip grazing is the best method to reduce wastage. Dairy cows should be fed stubbles immediately after milking and removed from the crop at least 3 hours before the next milking to avoid taint.

Can be waste when fed to cattle. They need to be trained to eat the bulbs by close electric fencing.



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