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Rape/Kale Hybrid

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‘Redstart is a fine, even crop.  I have found it to be less stalky than other rape/kale hybrids so the lambs are eating better’

Fraser Campbell, Ancaster Estate, Crieff.


  • Rapid and vigorous growth – matures in 12-16 weeks
  • Winter hardiness
  • Regrowth potential
  • Good late season yield potential
  • High energy and crude protein source

High energy grazing for cattle or sheep. Can be used for summer, autumn or winter grazing. Fast establishment (can be sown later than kale). Ideal for out wintering systems. Has regrowth potential when sown early.

Sowing rates
Direct drilled 2kg/acre. Broadcast 3kg/acre

Sowing dates
June to mid-July. Sowing date is dependant on when the client wishes to utilise the crop. If you put it in too early it can bolt.

Utilisation dates
September to January/February (in a mild winter it can last until March). Frosts can cause a lot of grief if prolonged.

Time to mature
10-12 weeks

How to sow
Can be sown as a break crop between grass leys, a fine seedbed is required. Can also be sown after cereal harvest. Rolling after sowing will help reduce moisture loss.

How to utilise
Cattle and sheep – strip grazed to reduce waste.



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