Castle Mixture

Field Margin Mixtures

This section includes a number of mixtures that have been designed to create wildlife habitats within farming businesses.

These mixtures may also be suitable for areas being included in the new greening measures.


Tussock Forming Mixture

Suitable for field margins/buffer strips, TF is a mixture including species that grow in a more natural, tussocky style to encourage wildlife.

Sowing at 8-10kgs/acre


Mat Forming Mixture

MF is also suitable for field margins/buffer strips and is a more specie diverse mix than TF. This mixture will quickly offer thick ground cover for wildlife that requires minimal maintenance. A cut once in the late summer is normally sufficient subject to your schemes specification.

Sow at 8-10 kg per acre.


¬†Click here to download The Scottish Government’s Basic Payment Scheme – Greening Booklet


Disclaimer: Whilst the below information is believed to be correct at the time of publishing, you should satisfy yourself that it meets the requirements for the scheme applied for.

Castle Mixture

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