Castle Mixture
Red Tantallon

Red Tantallon


‘A great field of Red Tantallon in its second year waiting for a second cut silage delayed by weather. The farm has been delighted with the performance of this mix, whose productivity was understood when farming organically 7 years ago. The mix remains the sole silage ley with excellent yield and quality and good savings on bagged N from the power of red clover. I have enjoyed dealing with Johnny ever since he started his seed business 26 years ago.’

Brian Kaye, Culfargie Estates, Balbeggie, Perthshire.

  • New hybrid AberEdge included
  • Designed to produce high protein silage to replace bought in proteins.
  • Up to three silage cuts a year.
  • The clover will reduce bought in nitrogen fertiliser.
  • Addition of white clover to add persistency to the legume content.
  • Excellent for fattening lambs on the aftermath.
  • Specific varieties selected to increase sugar content which assists in the fermentation of the low sugar red clover.

Tetraploid variety (T) content – 48%

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