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‘I have used various grass mixtures from Watson Seeds over a number of years and have always been pleased with the performance. I sowed this mixture to tolerate the heavy wet soil of this field, as I understood that the all diploid mixture would tolerate the growing conditions.’

Mr James McTurk, Mackilton, Dalry, Castle Douglas. James pictured with his dog Flossie.

  • Produces a lush dense sward for grazing. Every bite is a leaf, not stem.
  • 100% diploid perennial ryegrass content
  • In a cutting regime, produces the very best ME with high yields.
  • Easy mixture to manage for grazing and cutting, as has a tight grass heading range.
  • Density of sward enables excellent wearing capacity with machines and stock.
  • Suitable for grazing or cutting.
  • Contains the latest grass genetics, selected for high D values.
  • Has been tested on a number of wet and heavy field locations.
  • Contains no Timothy, which in heavy soils could dominate the sward.

We are frequently asked by clients, what is the most suitable grass mixture for heavy and wet ground. The challenge of these conditions, for a grass mixture, is slow growth during the spring and problems of utilising the sward due to potential damage with stock and machinery.

With the kind help of clients we have tried a number of different grass mixtures able to withstand these most challenging conditions. As a result we have created a new mixture, Greenan, suitable for heavy and wet soils. The composition of Greenan is uniquely all diploid, with a very high percentage of late heading perennials. By removing tetraploids from the mixture we have relied on the latest genetics of the diploid breeding programmes from leading plant breeders. Tetraploids by their nature are more open shaped than diploids and have fewer tillers. The tetraploid grasses have a large rooting system compared to the diploids and in wet soils these grasses do not perform as well, plus the life of the tetraploids is substantially reduced.

By also including a high percentage of late perennials we have created a grass mixture that produces a very dense sward, more than able to carry stock and machinery, with quality production of grass.

For those of you with these conditions, we are confident this grass mixture will serve you well.


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Castle Mixture

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