Castle Mixture


The leafy, high energy all ryegrass mixture.

‘We have used the Duart mixture for a number of years and have been very happy with its leafy grazing. It does not go to head and therefore it is easier to manage. The silage from the mixture is bulky and the quality is excellent.’

Harvey Sloan, WHM & W Sloan, Mull of Galloway Farm, Drummore, Stranraer.

  • Produces outstanding energy and protein levels
  • Duart contains a high proportion of the new generation high sugar grasses
  • A high percentage of later perennials allows greater flexibility in cutting date.
  • Varieties have been selected for high D values and late heading characteristics.
  • Excellent ground cover and persistency.
  • This mixture has won a number of silage competitions.
  • The silage from Duart is ideal for mixing with maize silage or wholecrop.
  • Contains the best varieties from the breeders Germinal Holding (formerly BSH) and Barenbrug.
  • Duart is also available with CAST Rotational Clover Blend

Tetraploid variety (T) content – 33%.

Duart1     duart2

Castle Mixture

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