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The Mitchells sow a specially modified version of Airlie refined for their particular needs. Sandy and his father, Jimmy, milk more than 1,000 Holstein cows which yield an average of 11,600 litres per year. The cows are milked through a 60 point rotary parlour. Johnny is very proud to have dealt with the family ever since he established Watson Seeds. The silage cut shown above achieved 13.2 tonnes per acre (32.6 tonnes per hectare) 10 tonnes DM per Ha, Dry Matter 30.6%, D value 72 %, ME 11.5, Protein 15%.

‘Getting the most out of our 3 or 4 year silage leys is critical as it makes up 40% of the dry matter which the cows get – we have found that the Castle Mixtures provide a good starting point to base their diets on,’ Sandy Mitchell.

Johnny Watson with Sandy Mitchell of KSH Partnership, Kennetsideheads Farm, near Kelso, Scottish Borders.

  • An all perennial ryegrass mixture ideal in an arable rotation. The inclusion of clover helps soil structure and soil fertility.
  • By only using perennial ryegrass we ensure excellent silage quality.
  • Ideal for very intensive grazing, tetraploids improve mid-season D value and conservation yield.

 Tetraploid variety (T) content – 49%

airlie2      Airlie1

Castle Mixture

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