Mouldyhills Farm, Langholm

Group meeting at Mouldyhills on 11th July 2018.

Field Lab: Grass Seed Mixes.

In association with Soil Association.

Held on 11th July 2018, Mouldyhills Farm, Langholm.

Five different Watson Seeds grass seed mixtures were compared on sheep farm Mouldyhills, on the Eastern edge of Dumfries and Galloway. Mouldyhills has heavy soil and gets quite a bit of rainfall. It has recently had some very wet summers, including a challenging 2017 and wet start to 2018. Different grass seed mixtures were sown in summer 2017 and an initial meeting was held in September to see how they were getting on. The group decided that a successful grass sward would:


  • Having a sward that doesn’t poach as easily, or recovers well from light poaching, will allow sheep to be housed for shorter periods.
  • Making good quality silage will reduce the amount of concentrates that need to be bought in over the winter.


  • By competing with grass weeds, particularly rushes.
  • By providing good quality grazing to improve lamb liveweight gain.


See below the 5 mixtures sown:

Mixture 1 – Herbal Ley

Mixture 2 – Mouldyhills Herbal Ley

Mixture 3 – Persistent Special Mix

Mixture 4 – Dundas Castle Mixture Special

Mixture 5 – Greenan Castle Mixture