Do you supply mixtures suitable for Greening?

Yes, please see our Greening page.

How late can I sow my grass seed?

We would recommend sowing grass no later than mid September.  However, this is hugely dependent on weather conditions and the area you live.

What temperature should it be to sow grass seed/clover?

The optimum soil temperature for grass to start germinating is between 9-12˚C.

How quickly can I get my grass seed?

We can deliver next day to most areas of the UK and we’re not often stuck. Please contact us to check availability. Our standard service is 2-3 days.

Am I able to order a special mixture?

We would be pleased to formulate a special mixture to suit your individual farm requirements. Should you not be able to find what you are looking for from our extensive range of mixtures or should you wish to modify a standard mixture please contact us on 01368 840655 to discuss.

Where do you deliver?

The whole of Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (including Islands).

Do you have a stand at the Royal Highland Show?

Yes, we will be at the Pentland Pavilion again this year.  Please feel free to come in and see us.


What shows & events do you attend?

We will be attending a number of shows and events in 2019, including:

How can I find my local seed specialist?

Please contact us on 01368 840655 and we can advise you who your local seed specialist is.

What rate should I be sowing swedes at?

Sowing rates of swedes depends on your row width and seed spacing.  Please use the table below:



When to sow different forage crops?

See table below for forage crop sowing date:


Dates for sowing forage crops are dependent on weather conditions and your area.

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